That’s the vendor lock-in

the sitebuilder with no vendor

Don’t get stuck. That’s why unlike other website builders, Trinity publishes 100% standard WordPress websites. Sounds cool, right? This way, you and your customers can migrate seamlessly from Trinity to WordPress. Whenever you want.

No vendor
No limits.
The vision becomes reality

The road to Trinity began with a simple question: Can our CM4all website-builder use WordPress as a headless CMS? The answer is: Yes! Essentially, Trinity is WordPress on steroids. An approach that uses the strength of the WordPress ecosystem and at the same time eliminates its weaknesses.

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Use WordPress without feeling WordPress

With Trinity, you use WordPress as a headless CMS via the WordPress Rest API. Combined with our outstanding CM4All user interface and all it’s great advantages, you get the best of both worlds

Build websites that drive business success

Websites built with Trinity are compatible with all 55k WordPress plug-ins. Just imagine what your customers can do with all these possibilities at their fingertips.

Future proof your business

With every step the WordPress community takes forward, Trinity takes a step forward as well. That way, your websites built with Trinity will never be outdated again.

We will let you shine

Trinity is completely white-label ready and your logo, colors and style will be applied to our platform.

Trinity provides a seamless upgrade path

All Trinity products are based on the same WordPress backend. This way, Trinity makes the widest interoperable product range available; DIY, DIFM and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Achim Weiß


„With Trinity, you finally get to use the power of the whole open source community. We want digitization to be possible for small businesses. This is our contribution: Never get locked-in again, thanks to Trinity.”

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